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Found 2 results

  1. Fenrir

    Battle Ground [BG]

    Any update on this though?
  2. Objective: To add more fun and excitement to players including newbies and to lessen people just AFKing in Fcity and other Cities. Idea: I don't know if this was already suggested in the past but as I have observed, people in fRO, are just either afking in Fcity and other Cities, Farming/MVPing, or PVPing in for_fild01 or pvp rooms(but only beneficial or exciting to well funded players and sometimes does not involve an interaction or teamwork between newbies and veterans). So, to add more fun, excitement, teamwork, practice to players both veteran and newbie, why don't we launch a BATTLE GROUND system? What is a battleground system? Well, please click to this link to know more about it: http://ratemyserver.net/battleground.php Basically, it is like a combination of PVP/WoE/GvG/PartyVersusParty. There will be a waiting room for those who would like to join it and there's a maximum number of players who can join so as to not overcrowd it. The players shall then be grouped into 2 teams and the grouping will be system generated/decided. Upon reaching the minimum numbers required, there shall be a countdown (2 minutes or less) so that more players can join before it would start. The players will then be warped to the BG Arena(depending on what arenas are implemented and what is scheduled). Each arena has it's own goal: some are for pure PVP(those who first reach a minimum number of kills in total for the team wins), some are like the WoE castles where you have to destroy the Emp of the defending team, and a case where both teams have their own Emp to defend(The EMPs have a fixed amount of HP and be damages with 1 HP per hit fixed, not withstanding element or weapon used). However, there shall be a maximum amount of time for each BG to be finished(5 minutes or 10, it depends). Of course, in all of these, there shall be PvP so having a strategy with your team has its benefits. This will be a round the clock system and will turn on when the amount of players in the waiting room exceeds a certain amount(e.g. 10) with intervals of maybe 5 minutes or less per BG. Rewards: Well, this depends on the GMs on what they think will give the most balanced result. -Bravery Badge/Valor Badge/BG Points -this will be given to all players after every BG, twice the amount is given to the winning team, (eg. 4 to the winners 1 or 2 to the losers). The badges can be exchanged to either BG exclusive items(BG Poison Bottle, BG Ygg berries, BG FCP, BG Cursed water, etc.), COnsumable items(Ygg Tix, FCP tix, prices should be high enough so as to not get those farmers for these items be left out), BG exclusive set ( BG ABC whatever), Headgears(Ship Hat etc at the right price), or whichever is balanced. The items can be class bound(non tradeable, storeable, droppable etc) - BG Tokens (non tradeable or tradeable depending on the balancing)(storeable or non storeable) same usage with Bravery Badge. - Fame Points ( to enhance the effects of Fking sets or whatever) - any other alternatives, the main objective of BG is to give the players some excitement. Benefits: First, this will be a nice venue for players to practice their skills in PvP/WoE/Teamwork and determinte their strengths and weaknesses instead of just AFKing somewhere. This will also be a great chance for people to find new friends, share ideas, and maybe find a good guild for them. Also, this is another way of collecting items instead of just farming/or voting/ staying online/ whatever. Lastly, this would encourage all the players and lure new players into the server because of the excitement, fun, and rewards it gives. Additional Mechanics: Either there shall not be more than a certain amount of number for a certain class(e.g. 8 snipers) and/or Dual Log-in is not allowed in the BG room and/or Players who do not move for more than 10 secons(?) are automatically kicked out from the room. Team: All the players in FRO may it be a newbie of a veteran or whatever character you are in. Result: Players will have a new venue for fun and teamwork and a venue to acquire items. Some mechanics may become abused but can always be edited/prevented in the long run. At least, fun is alive! This is not a complete suggestion. You can add more in the comments. You may also change some ideas. or you could create a new idea by yourself. All I want is to give players a venue for fun. Veterans to not get bored and Newbies to acquire knowledge and items. Thank you!