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Found 1 result

  1. Presents... Introducing the Lost Orbs event! In this new GM hosted event, help Dog The Cat recapture her 3 Mystic Orbs inside a maze. She will reward anyone who can bring back all 3 Lost Orbs... but be warned, this is a free for all! When a player dies with Mystic Orb(s), he loses them and the orbs will be spawned again. New Moroccan Rush Event! Race through Morroc capturing flags in this thrilling new GM-hosted event. Whoever captures the 4th flag first wins! The new Cursed Assassin MVP The legendary cursed assassin who sold his soul in exchange for power has been seen roaming the Lost Coast fields. He drops the rare Cursed Assassin Rune at 10%. The rune is equipped in your shoes with the following effect: Increase 100% damage with Soul Destroyer and Meteor Assault. Barbie for the previews Ares/BishopFor the event ideas and feedback.