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Found 6 results

  1. Antonidas

    Client wont patch

    Hi, Since the xmas patch came up my client wont update its grf. Every time I open my client it would patch up and then this message would appear (See photo). How to fix this? quite annoying
  2. erickglim123

    I Can't Find My Patcher

    Hi I'm new here. I just finished installing the All in one and fRo small installer, but the patcher appearing on my desktop after installation says "cant find file" I've tried downloading again and i cant really find the patcher. Any ideas on this? I've finished installing the 3rd job and still couldnt find it :(
  3. shayne1

    [Solved] Missing Fro Patcher

    Hello, My fRo patcher is missing from my folder, and i can't patch it. Where can i get the patcher again ? Or perhaps, provide us a manual patch ? Thanks :)
  4. CrimsonRage


    Hey guys I was installing the patcher, via direct download. Everything fine so far , but when I installed the game , Kaspersky popped up with a Malware warning while installing. UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic - don't really know what it means, if it's dangerous or whatever. Could you give some advice if I should just delete the patcher or do something else?
  5. paradoxv1

    [Solved]Patcher Error

    :GM: Please Help, every time i install my Ragnarok it works fine. but when i restart my Pc i get an Error When i Press START this thing come out, i need to re-install it again for me to be able to log back in the game please help.
  6. orbitalmethod

    [Solved]Patcher Trouble

    I downloaded the patcher and it is now completely up to date. Every time I click start to play this game, the only thing it does is closes the patcher and doesn't bring up the main menu of fro. I know what to look for because I had this game on another computer and was an avid player. Now that I have this new computer, it won't start. I have a hunch that it's compatibility issues with the new Windows 7, but I need a second opinion. Any ideas guys?