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Found 7 results

  1. GuysCorp

    Whitesmith Napalm Vulcan

    Hello Guys, Can anyone tell me the guide for whitesmith who use napalm vulcan ? it would be help full if there are fully guide of it, like eqs and cards and stats ^^7 ... Kind regards, ^^7 (hope it will be help for other too)
  2. V 2.0 (2nd Update) 2/28/2015 -Changed base stats -Added Screenshots -Added Stats with Vote Forsaken King Set -Added new details (Ring of Resonance and Ring of Flame Lord combo) -Fixed typos and all other errors This is the first guide I've done ever in my life about a game (this proves how I'm quite attached with ForsakenRo now) and I don't know if this one is original or not but I'm gonna go and write it either way because I wanna help newbies (I still am one as well actually) who struggle with not having enough zeny to buy themselves some useful stuff (CARDS!) either at the Vending Market or from other players. To begin this guide, INVEST some time and make sure you have done the: Forsaken Knight quest - Because those +200 additional stat points might come in handy for pumping a certain stat. Forsaken Dungeon Pass quest - For me, that's the best place where you can farm for items to sell for zeny. Abyss_03 may drop you Treasure Boxes (150,000 zenies each), but they don't drop at a consistent rate (50% only I think). But that's not the worst part. The map size is small, High Wizards who farm for it cast Storm Gust wherever the mouse pointer lands. Your sorry bum will get knocked back away from them Aciduses (while dying from the SG as well without even getting the chance to hit them yourself). AND annoying Snipers will FAS (Focused Arrow Strike) you even when there's not a single monster around you, poking your sorry bum with arrows to death for no reason but to show off how hard they can hit. Now to give you the easiest figures at how your stats must be for this certain job, I'll just tell you my Whitesmith's exact numbers (considering you have the 200 bonus stat points). NOTE: These are the BASE STATS. The bonus from your gear (I'll tell you my noobie gear too) will add up to these numbers which will form a certain number when summed up. Those will be mentioned next. You can tweak these settings of mine for your personal preferences. THE STATS STR: 295 AGI: 114 (As usual, before putting stats on AGI, put the ones on DEX first) VIT: 96 INT: 2 (Leftovers) DEX: 101 LUK: 98 *THE STATS UPDATE (v2.0) STR: 300 (300 because it maximizes your weight capacity to 14000) AGI: 114 VIT: 90 INT: 5 DEX: 101 LUK: 89 THE GEAR (v2.0) YOUR +10: Upper Headgear - Forsaken Knight / Vote / Forsaken King Helm with two SEYREN WINDSOR cards (For a total of +8 STR) Mid Headgear - Any Legendary Aurora here just for that + 20 stats boost. Mine's a Legendary Zodiac one which my WS inherited from my SinX. The BEST alternative here is the "Fallen Ghost" (like that of the MVP Fallen Bishop) (+20 stats) which you can get as a Vote item. Save up to 50 credit points (Which is pretty easy to earn. 24 total vote points in 1 day, 24 next day, that's a total of 53 in just two days!) and check it out in your Forsaken-RO Control Panel. Redeem it by going to the "Token Traders" building in Forsaken City and talk to the "Vote Redeemer" NPC inside. The best card for the Mid headgear would be Vanberk. It means faster death. Lower Headgear - FREEBIE ADVENTURER'S BACKPACK IS THE BEST! (+10 All Stats, +10% Max HP and SP) Armor - Forsaken Knight / Vote / Forsaken King Armor with Silver Orc Lord / Orc Lord card (Reflect 15% / 30% of Melee damage back to the enemy which inflicted it) and PecoPeco (+10% Max HP) Weapon - Hurricane Fury with a Baphomet card. You can snag this weapon from an MVP called the Boitata which is found in bra_dun02 (It's not that hard to kill because it's got only a million HP compared to the customized HPs of other card dropping MVPs. But in any case be careful because it's attacks can still be pretty deadly.) Or, buy it from the Vending Market if available in there. Sometimes they're priced at around 50 Million down to 15 Million zeny only. - Here's also why and why not the Legendary Hammer. The Legendary Whitesmith Hammer might give you 4 card slots, a whooping +35% bonus to Max HP and a significant damage boost to High Speed Cart Ram (Cart Termination), but the Hurricane Fury has a special ability (one among 2 others) that when procced, will knock back enemies for 7 cells away while doing a painful amount of damage altogether. Just PERFECT for farming alone. The two other effects are: "Reduce damage received from medium-type monsters by 10%. Damage reduction from medium-sized monsters will increase depending on the refinement rate of this weapon." and "Attack Speed increases depending on the refinement rate of this weapon." The Silver Orc Lord/Orc Lord combo with the Hurricane Fury: - Lure a bunch of Usakorings, Pourings and all the other rings in there. Once you have a truck load of them behind you, you can either: Attack them and watch the Baphomet card work in all its glory AND/OR let the mob hit you (WHY?!). The Silver Orc Lord/ Orc Lord's reflect effect is enough to trigger the Hurricane Fury's Damage+Knockback effect. Watch (literally while getting ready to tap the Yggdrasil berry in case of emergency) the entire area around you go BOOM! Hurricane Fury's "Unknown-Skill" - I suggest you do the latter option whenever your weight limit is at 90% and you can't attack anymore BUT your 14000 maximum limit is still nowhere near 13900. Sometimes it's somewhere at 12000+ when you start to not be able to attack. That's still a couple or more Armors of Volcano in your inventory that's missing. Mantle/Garment/Cloak (whatevs you want to call it) - Forsaken Knight / Vote / Forsaken King Cloak with two Aliot cards (STR + 2, Max HP + 5%). Footgear - Forsaken Knight / Vote / Forsaken King Boots with two Antique Firelock (Firelock Soldier) cards (STR + 2, Max HP and SP + 10 %) Accessories - Two Vesper Core 02s - The deal here is that, I've tried to equip two Legendary Strength gauntlets for more damage BUT I've realized they're too heavy that they hinder you from gathering over 5 Million Zeny in each run. The Vesper Cores are light enough to give you a boost in attack, you never even have to look back. Accessories UPDATE (v2.0) - Ring of Resonance and Ring of Flame Lord Sort of the useless one... Meteor Assault and I believe that's the Tarot skill thingy. - Wow. Hey. Do you want to make life easier? Do you want your Whitesmith to become a RUTHLESS, MERCILESS, MURDEROUS, BLOODY KILLER? Well then, read on. Purchase a pair of those accessories the MVP Ifrit drops called the Ring of Resonance and Ring of Flame Lord (or if you happen to luckily kill Ifrit yourself, then you're good). They range from 125 Million to 45 Million in the Vending Market. Equip them (they also weigh the same as the Vesper Cores! Sweet!). Auto-Bowling Bash Getting ready for something... Now warp to Forsaken Dungeon and watch as your Whitesmith turns into a psycho. As you know, it allows you to auto cast "All kinds of skills" in an uncertain percentage. And still, the Silver Orc Lord / Orc Lord combo applies here, so now, even if you never attack them Usakorings and stuff, you are dealing tons of damage to them because of the insane amount of damaging skills the reflect alone triggers. If ever you're wondering, yes, all these skills stack with the Hurricane Fury's damage+knockback damage too. Quagmire, and... wait where'd all my SP go? What's that 627055 dama-- You mean I just... So who said ASURA STRIKE is for Champion use only? If I've seen that right, I made 600 thousand auto-Asura damage to a random target with my Whitesmith. Yes, the rings also grant you the Zen and Fury Champion skills automatically so if your SP suddenly goes 0 (all other skills that the rings cast cost 0 SP!), then you know damn well what the hell just happened. It's pretty hard to see the damage of the Asura though because of the crowd of numbers coming from all the skills the Rings can pull out. But be assured that it can reach that figure I've mentioned earlier (300 Strength for this Whitesmith guide, remember?) Other frequent skills it auto casts: - Bowling Bash - Sonic Blow - Aspersio - Fire Ball - Heal (to yourself, of course) - Meteor Assault (same skill animation as the Hurricane Fury's skill) - Occult Impaction (Infiltration/Investigate, another Champion/Monk skill) - Quagmire - Gloria Domini NOTE: The Ifrit Rings' skills' after cast delays (might) still apply. NOW. If you've followed the STATS and GEARS part exactly as told, this should be how your final stats would look like. (Tweakable like I said, according to your personal preferences) FINAL STATS STR: 295 + 75 AGI: 114 + 51 VIT: 96 + 50 INT: 3 + 43 DEX: 101 + 49 LUK: 98 + 52 HP: 153812 SP: NOT IMPORTANT ATK: 2155 + 70 MATK: 82 ~ 126 HIT: 415 CRITICAL: 58 DEF: 70 + 146 MDEF: 6 + 45 FLEE: 420 + 16 ASPD: 195 FINAL STATS UPDATE (v2.0) Forsaken Knight Set / Vote / Forsaken King Set STR: 300 + 71 / 300 + 77 AGI: 114 + 53 / 114 + 59 VIT: 90 + 52 / 90 + 58 INT: 5 + 43 / 5 + 46 DEX: 101 + 49 / 101 + 52 LUK: 89 + 52 / 89 + 58 HP: 152295 / 162733 SP: NOT IMPORTANT ATK: 2149 + 70 / 2156 + 70 MATK: 84 ~ 129 / 100 ~ 151 HIT: 415 / 418 CRITICAL: 55 / 60 DEF: 70 + 142 / 70 + 148 MDEF: 2 + 48 / 2 + 51 FLEE: 422 + 15 / 428 + 15 ASPD: 195 / 195 NOTE: The summed stats mentioned above are not yet affected/increased by any buff such as Maximum Power Thrust, Blessing, etcetera. Overall, I must say, the most expensive thing you'll ever need here is either the Baphomet card (100 Million or lower) or the Hurricane Fury. The Silver Orc Lord card is cheap, (hardly goes over 1 Million zeny, most of the time at 500 K) don't worry about it. *Update (v2.0) I've mentioned the price of the Ifrit Rings too, earlier. OF COURSE - You're not a true Whitesmith if you are not using your buffs. The main WS buffs I use are: - Maximum Power Thrust - Power Maximize - Crazy Uproar They last the longest and are the best damage boosters, that's why. The others last for only a short period of time and they only give a minimal bonus for something that you'll never even notice. Buff these three up and you're good to go for at least 3 to 5 runs! *Secondary Buffs to use (v2.0) - Adrenaline Rush - Weapon Perfection - Shattering Strike - You're not a true Forsaken Dungeon Farmer if you are not carrying at least 5 to 10 Yggdrasil Berries. Grab these while in there to use in case of emergency (your HP shrinks to a critical level while doing the mob-lure-hurricane-boom). THE PAYOUT - A normal run lasts for at least 1 to 2 minutes or less or lesser inside Forsaken Dungeon. A quick one and stopping once you get the 90% weight limit warning will give you at least 4.3 Million Zeny. A full house of Lucius' Fierce Armor of Volcanos though can garner you more than 5 Million Zeny. Both of those already include the added zeny you can get through the Overcharge skill. In less than an hour, if you're diligent enough just like me, you're cashing in at least 100 Million Zeny. Like it's nothing. WHOOAAT?! ADVANTAGE AGAINST ABYSS_03 ZENY FARMING - In my opinion, Treasure Boxes from abyss_03, although more expensive when sold individualy, are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay slower to obtain in bulk compared to the Volcano Armors. Not including the times when you die because of Snipers and High Wizards and re-warping and buffing again and again. Here, let me tell you this: For maybe five to ten minutes, farm for Treasure Boxes. Then get bored of constant troubles (such as choosing only to kill the golden Acidus) and finally decide to sell all those boxes only to find out you've only made 17 Million zeny out of them when you could have at least 30 Million already just by going back and forth inside Forsaken Dungeon in at least the same amount of time. BAH! DISADVANTAGE AGAINST FORSAKEN DUNGEON ZENY FARMING - Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh... this is the good thing about this because there is absolutely no Con about farming in Forsaken Dungeon. After doing this method for a week now, I've made at least 3 Billion Zeny (I'm not sure but I've already purchased an 80 Million Baphomet card (RESERVE!), a 900 Million and a 750 Million Turtle General card, a 650 Million Legendary Red Glasses, a 450 Million Dark Blue Legendary Zodiac Aurora and MORE! I'm not yet into purchasing things with tokens (which most likely will take me ages just to get a Cursed or Blessed Ring), so I'm enjoying my time spending the easier-to-farm zeny. *BRAG UPDATE (v2.0) ...I am so enjoying the cards and equipments I've bought with those zeny. Well, I guess it's time to end this here. It's 2:07 AM. I hope this'll help someone. I might update this because I'm thinking there's still stuff I want to say but my mind's all into sleeping now. Can't remember them. Yet. If you do encounter a Whitesmith named "MidnightEames" with clothes dyed in red and wears a Dark Red Legendary Zodiac Aurora inside the Forsaken Dungeon, then you've successfully met me IN-GAME! My Whitesmith at least! Thanks for reading folks, and HAPPY FARMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING! A Non-Donator's luxury is being able to farm, as patient as he can, to gather his equipment. The feeling when you get it after all the hardwork is just priceless.
  3. riseoverall

    Whitesmith Mvp Build/gear Help?

    Hi guys!! I'm kind of new here and I just want to ask if there's a way to increase damage to MVPs (especially Shadow 3 types: Atroce & Incantation Samurai). Every time I hit Shadow 3 types, my only damage is 20 -_- My stats: Str: 300+98 Agi: enough for 195 ASPD Vit: 72 Int: 0 Dex: enough for 450 hit Luk: 0 I already did the quest for Forsaken Knight, Legendary Weapon and Str Gaunts but my gear doesn't have cards yet. Also, I'm not that rich so it would be better if you suggest low cost gears/cards xD Please help :( It takes me a lot of time to kill those MVPs because of my low damage -_- PS. I tried Abyssmal Knight card but it only increased my damage to 35. Thank you! :)
  4. nilo16

    B> White Smith Set

    Pm me ur offer as message on my forum id Item- tokens
  5. nilo16

    Kiel Card On Whitesmith

    Hi good day I was wondering are Kiel cards usefull on smith. cause from what I see spam rate was effected by aspd. So what am I missing here . if required how many would u need ideally. Since adrenalin rush also gives a boost.
  6. Shadi

    Ws Oriental Blade.

    Hello all, It has come to my attention that thor's hammer has basically taken over the WS oriental. Giving the same sort of boosts but better. So therefore I've created this topic to see if we can give the oriental blade some value and use again. This is the current WS oriental blade: +20 str +15 dex max hp+ 30% Increase damge on demi human 15% (doesn't work with CT) Increase damage with CT by 30% 10% chance of autocasting cart boost while being hit (Doesn't work it autocasts a bezerk potion atk speed boost but not cart boost) aspd+5 Sword 210 atk This is the current thor hammer: +30str +20dex maxHP + 40% +200 atk Enable use of pneuma Enable use of throw tommahawk Increase damage with cart termination 80% Increase damage with throw tommahawk 400% Axe ATK 220 The differences : Thor gives 10 more str Thor gives 5 more dex Thor gives 10% more hp Thor has 190 more atk Thor gives pneuma Thor gives throw tommahawk Thor gives 50% more damage to Cart termination Thor gives 400% more damage with throw tommahawk Thor is an axe, not a sword WS oriental gives 15% more damage to demi human (though this doesn't do anything for WS) WS oriental gives 10% chance of autocasting cart boost while being hit (Doesn't work it autocasts a bezerk potion atk speed boost but not cart boost). Suggestion: Right now, whitesmiths with the thor hammer are strong, and in my opinion balanced. Whitesmiths with the oriental sword.. well you don't see any of those anymore. I've been thinking for a while to improve the sword but still make it different than Thor's hammer. Here are a few effects I came up with and I'd like to see what everyone else thinks : +30str +20dex maxHP + 50% +250 atk 80% more damage to Cart termination 10% chance of autocasting cart boost while being hit and while hitting.(if we can fix the effect) Permanent endure status while wielding the weapon Movement speed + 20% Benefits of this weapon : 1: More damage with CT compared to thor 2: More HP and survivability with a slightly bigger HP boost 3: More movement speed to have a chance to get up close 4: A slightly bigger chance vs decrease agi spammers (when you're up close and being hit) Downsides of this weapon: 1: You can be kited (like the old WS). 2: You have no pneuma. So movement speed is your only friend 3: You have no ranged attack so again kiting would be the key This is just what I've come up with so far. I'd like to hear some opinions if you think these effects would be 1: Viable 2: Too strong 3: Too weak 4: Not different enough from the thor weapon. Thank you for your time and input in advance. Edit: Changed assump chance to perma endure.
  7. Victoria

    Whitesmith Strategy Guide

    Can somebody post a strategy guide for WS here? I would really appreciate it if someone would :))