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Forsaken Knight Quest, Silver Mvps, Monthly Collectibles And More!

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Veracity    673

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Forsaken Knight Quest

Introducing a new largescale challenging quest as an expansion to the Elite quest, including new equipment and weapons!
You must already be an Elite and you must be a Knight to participate in future storyline quests.
Become a Forsaken Knight and fight for your King!

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Journey to the Lost City of Gold

Rumor has it the legendary Lost City of Gold's whereabouts has been discovered.
Find the Adventurer and join forces with him to find the City and all of its riches for yourself!

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Silver MvP Experiment Labs

A group of scientists created a new breed of monsters called Silver MvPs to experiment on.
However, they quickly lost control of these new creatures and need your help restoring order!
The monsters include Phreeoni, Tao Gunka, Kiel D-01, Fallen Bishop, Orc Lord, Lady Tanee, and Mistress.
Each drop silver versions of their cards which give half of the effects of the original MvP cards.

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fRO Starter Pack

We've added some new items and features to help new players level and look their most fashionable.

Jumping Poring [0] [Level 1-150] +20 all stats [Level 150-225] +10 all stats
Baby Angeling Wings [0] [Level 1-200] HP + 10%, Str/Dex + 15, ASPD +2
150 Wish's Yggdrasil Berries * Fully restore HP/SP, weigh 0, untradable.
10 Justice's Lunchboxes * All stats +10 for 10 minutes.
3 Veracity's Magical Cookies * Gives 30% more EXP points for 1 hour.
Wanderer Equipment * Armor, Shield, Boots and Cloak.
3 Sedora Mercenary Summon Scrolls Sedora is a powerful pet who will help you level up quickly!
* These come in the Forsaken Wanderer Box

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New Event Items and Activity Reward!

All items are 1 slotted and add +10 all stats. They cost 60 event tokens.

GENTLEMAN'S PIPE [1] +7 all stats | Cost: 700 Activity Tokens

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New Monthly Collectibles!

3 new Monthly Collectibles are available for a limited time only
in the Token Shop and from the M.C. NPC in the Forsaken King room.
Get your very own Angeling, Archangeling, or Deviling Balloon today!

Effects: +12 all stats, 10% HP, and 1 slot. Equipped in Lower.
Cost: $40, or you can buy 3 for $100! In game, they're 1,000 tokens.

NOTE: From now on, Monthly Collecctibles are account bound (including these ones),
but you can purchase them for your friends (just include their username in your email)!

Posted Image
- Added framework for WoE 2.0
- Introduced new Monthly Collectible system
- New Fall City map thanks to our new Mapper, Justice!
- Added a new theme song to Forsaken City and a falling leaves effect!
- Can no longer kill players unless they are within a 25 level range of max level
- Modified many standard cards to be more useful in PvP (a complete list will be available on the Wiki shortly)
- Added new Forsaken Knight equipment set and 12 new Knight weapons
- Implemented a new Bulletin Board system in game to check out the latest news and announcements
- New 'Play Room' map for Disguise and Item Previewer NPC, just talk to the warper to go!
- New Golden City and Experiment Lab maps implemented
- Added new Silver MvPs and corresponding cards
- Regular MvPs were re-buffed to pose more of a challenge
- Added new quests, NPCs, mobs and drops, event items, and an activity reward
- Implemented 'Guild Starter Pack' and 'fRO Starter Pack'
- Updated sprites for Forsaken Soldier, Elite, Knight and King equipment sets
- New log in screen and installer images

Posted Image
- Removed all rental weapons from the NPC
- Made Wanderer set sell to NPC for 2k zeny each; Forsaken Soldier for 37.5k
- Changed ratio of minigame to event tokens to 5:1
- Changed broadcast colors, thanks to Poringly for his color suggestions!
- Reduced Elite Armor weight to 120
- Increased Bonus EXP of MvPs
- Reduced requirements for the Forsaken Elite quest
- Valentines Quest disabled
- Fixed issues with Baby LMS (Donation and non-donation)
- Fixed errors with Frigg Shield
- Corrected issue with Evil Snake Lord Hat, Yggdrasil Seeds, and Heavenly Maiden Flower descriptions
- Fixed Elite Wizard Staff
- Fixed White Smith Oriental Sword
- Gunslingers can now wear Expert Rings
- Fixed Kafra Band
- Fixed issues with the Disguise feature in the Guild Hideout
- Fixed issues with certain items being allowed in Non-donation PvP

Posted Image
A huge thanks to Justice for her amazing work on all of the new maps!
Mac for his customization of the Balloon sprites, originally made/inspired by Unknow-data
Wish for coding, event item effects, testing, and assistance in developing quests
Veracity for developing/writing the quests, headgear selections, card edits, all other item effects
Genesis for bug fixes, coding, testing
Seraphine for his help with card edits, bug reports, and various other contributions
Barbie for the previews, log in screen, installer graphics
Yulia for the original baby angeling wing sprite, recolored by Barbie
Mr. Masochist for inspiring the Knight quest with his suggestion

Posted Image
Appreciate all of the hard work that went into this update?
Please take a minute and write us a review on RMS.
It will help the server grow and also help us serve you better.
If you haven't written a review in the past 6 months, please do!

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Forum~    85

Awesome update!

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Amicable    71


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Shono    2


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Genesis    404

I'll be releasing the updated installers shortly. The random sprite erroring (i.e. frigg shield and such) will be fixed by simply installing that.

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Phenix    0

Nice patch.Was hoping voting be fixed:(

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Veracity    673

Just to clarify, every class can do the Forsaken Knight quest once you've become an Elite. Knight does not mean Lord Knight, but a Knight who serves the Forsaken king. The Knight weapons are the non-donation versions of the newest Valkyrie weapons released, we will post the effects for the equipment and the weapons once we've finished fixing some issues.

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Broadcast colors were my suggestion.

Edit: Oh, the colors. I thought you meant the suggestion for it.

Anyways, great update. Can't wait to do the quest.

Edited by Mr. Masochist

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It would suck to buy a balloon and get the wrong colour by accident - best way to waste 1k :P

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Justice    25

Awesome update. ;3 Just so you guys know... Wish's Ygg's + Justice's Lunch Box + Veracity's Magical Cookie = a part of this good.... not breakfast.

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Levis    33

Thank you and looking forward to do the most quests. =] I only didn't like the Fall season, but that's a subjective opinion.

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