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Help Sinx Sonic Blow Type

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zyleen15    0

can u tell me the build nad cards for SB type..


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El7    36



2.Agi=ASPD 195

3.Dex= I'm not sure in dex... I think you need 450-500 hit? or 400 hit enough.

4.Vit= After you put stats in str,agi,dex the rest stats put it in Vit.


Hmm if i were you i go Sonic blow when i have Thanatos card but it's okay just use incantation.

Weapon Card=Inca,Skel,2xTG or Thana/3xTG

Helm=3xKiel/Fsold or Maya P

Armor=Tao,GR/2xTAO/2xOL= when dealing with champ using this so if he accidentaly asura you then he'll die with you too.



Shield=Hmm i think just carry a shield with GTB for Magic Users.Shield with Usako card is kinda useless because you're using a Katar.


1.Always use Cloak. Remember you're an assassin. Assassin doesn't expose themselves [except if they're using maya P] so always cloak.

2.Bring a Cspeed so you can walk very fast and don't forget to bring EDP potion for EDP skill.

3.Use a linker to increase damage for SB.

4.Use backslide when you fail to kill an enemy or while someone is with sight/ruwach and chasing you fast. [be careful in using backslide you might get cornered or stuck when you spam backslide. Use it wisely.]

5.[For thana users] If you're using a thana and SB an enemy and your damage is kinda low [1k-3 each SB] use backslide then cloak then switch into other weapon [inca,skel,2xtg].

6.Remember you don't have shield so be very careful when pvping a champ you might get 1 hit. [use 2xOL when facing a champ so if he asura you he'll die with you too]

7.Hmm i'm not sure how many SB spams you can do [i think you can 3x SB simultaneously] just use backslide after you SB your enemy when you fail on killing it then cloak.

8.If the enemy is using 2x OL too use the Hiding Skill and Grimtooth him.

9.SB types are one of the fastest killers and the most fastest to be KO so be very fast on killing an enemy.

10. Enjoy.

I hope this simple guide of mine helps.

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ChainBreak    45

put /bingbing or /bangbang on emoticon shortcut. It turns you around a bit.

When you have some practice you will never get stuck with backsliding.

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ChainBreak    45

Additional tips for the guys who don't get SB strategy.

Put the katars ONLY when you go and attack. Always wear usako shield + strip/coma/whatevs dagger/sword on default. Also wear scarf + drooping valk to dispell the target while remaining immune to freeze.

In PvP room you can't rely on going full buff SB > backslide endlessly to gtfo. Use your head and mess with their timing.

Default attack with dagger + shield while switching to Edge and back to shield to force gtb use (also you can check if they are on OLs). When you notice your dmg going up immediatly switch to SB spam.


I've seen a player doing cloak just before the SB spam. That can be helpful to get the short break for concentrating on the spam timing and also disrupt the opponent in his/her pot spam.



That means immediate switch from katars to dagger + shield when your spam has reached the maximum. AFTER doing that, backslide and cloak. There are players who will hit you before you have the chance to get away with your backslide so put your shield on first, then backslide.

After the first SB spam you have 2 options:

1) Switch back to dagger + shield/Edge

2) Switch to katar for Grimtooth spam. Remember that you can go straight from Cloaking to Hiding without uncloaking. Also you can switch gear while cloaking/hiding so switch to shield when your opponent is approaching.

As already mentioned you should use /bingbing or /bangbang to avoid getting stuck in corners when using backslide.

For lower headgears I would recommend getting vote scarf, Fluffy wings and Avian wings. Scarf is for dispell use, Fluffy wings for asuras and Avians for additional coma chance when everything else fails.

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ChainBreak    45

Something I forgot:

Grimtooth carries status effects. Also you can equip STATUS ARROWS. The effect of the arrow is applied with grimtooth so make sure to always put a freezing arrow for opponents that are wearing lpoopoo. When they are frozen they will most liekly die within one SB spam.

If you want to keep somedistance from the opponent use grimtooth or throw venom knife. Throw venom knife does not have a delay so abuse that. Also grimtooth is a skill that you need to be in hiding mode so remember you cant move.

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