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Happy Halloween from Forsaken Ro 2016!

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Enter a long forgotten village that has once more emerged from the mists in a dark and frightening forest.
Participate in Hallows Eve rituals, do 16 different quests for the townsfolk, face monstrous demons,
get disguises of your own with tokens and tickets, and discover the secret past of the town...


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NEW Valkyrie Expansion Headgears
8 new spooky headgears are now available in the Token Shop,
as well as some new middle auroras!

Ancient Warrior Helm, Kawaii Cap, Enchanting Witch hat, Ghostring Hat, Black Cat Hood, Ghost Kitty Cap, Harlequin Hat, and Skull Taini Hat

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Doctor Faustus' House of Horrors
Introducing a new raid unlike anything you've ever seen!
Since the Repentence happened, more people have been disappearing.
Townspeople whisper of a scientist driven mad by the loss of his wife.
Solve the integrated mini-quest and enter Faustus' House of Horrors... if you dare.

Rewards: Dark Angel Crown, Baphomet Crown, Joker Hat


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Halloween Quest Headgears

The Great Rufaku has returned to his home after his journey
to the land of the dead last year. In exchange for helping the townsfolk
(there's 18 total, each with a unique quest!), Rufaku will make you
your own disguise in exchange for Halloween Tickets.

All headgears have the effect of the Forsaken Knight helm!

New headgears this year: Cyber Punk Ears, Khalitzberg Helm, Doggy Ears, Torn Black Hat, and Fox Bow Ears

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Halloween Hunt Headgears
In exchange for Halloween Tokens,
Macbeth the Kitty will give you a new halloween headgear of your choice.

New headgears this year: Improved Drooping Zealotus, Bloody Eye Bandage, Clock Ribbon, Spirit Poring Ribbon

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Try your luck with our Trick-or-Treat Boxes!
Each Trick-or-Treat Box has a chance you'll receive a special treat
(one of these nifty special headgears with a bonus of +15 all stats for 2 weeks!)... or a trick.
Will you be lucky enough to get one of these special rewards?
To find out, talk to Macbeth the Kitty and get your own Trick-or-Treat Box for 250 Halloween Tokens!

New headgears this year: Drooping Succubus, Bat Ear Wings, Dark Ship Captain Hat, and Eleanor Wig.


Returning favorites from last year!




What would Halloween be without... some Candy?


Some favorite Halloween Candies and new ones are here! Each Halloween Candy Basket contains:


5x Halloween Sour Yellow Candy - Increases walking speed

5x. Halloween crunch Candy - All Stats + 10

5x Halloween Big Blue Candy - Makes your character HUGE

5x Halloween Fun Size Red Candy - makes your character TINY

3x Halloween Tangy Teal candy - Disguises character as a Pyuriel

3x Halloween Sour green candy - Disguises character as a Loli Ruri

3x Halloween Tangy Purple Candy - Disguises character as a Jakk


NEW! Monster Mayhem with Candy drops

Find the entrance to the special map in the Lost Village!


Candy of Strength, STR + 20, INT - 10 for 1 hour, dropped by Byorgue

Candy of Vitality, VIT + 20, DEX - 10 for 1 hour, dropped by Zipper Bear

Candy of Luck, LUK + 20, AGI - 10 for 1 hour, dropped by Lude

Candy of Intelligence, INT + 20, STR - 10 for 1 hour, dropped by Loli Ruri

Candy of Dexterity, DEX + 20, VIT - 10 for 1 hour, dropped by Jakk

Candy of Agility, AGI + 20, LUK - 10 for 1 hour, dropped by Manananggal

Pumpkin King Cake, All stats + 15, dropped by Disguise

Candy of Terror, Increase move speed of a character for a duration, dropped by Spring Rabbit



Something Wicked is Brewing in the Lost Village


Find Wisteria in the Lost Village and get your hands on some of her wicked potions and concoctions for a limited time only.

In exchange for 30 Halloween Tokens, she'll give you 5 of one of the following:


Pumpkin King Cake - All Stats + 15

Raven's Wisdom - Int + 20

Witch's Tonic - Vit + 20

Red Juice - Str + 20

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Appreciate all of the hard work that went into this update?
Please take a minute and write us a review on RMS.
If you've already written one, feel free to "refresh" your review!

Posted Image
Posted Image Return of the Lost Village and quests
Posted Image Hourly invasion event in the Lost Village
Posted Image Return of the Repentance Raid arc
Posted Image Added Halloween Forsaken City map by Justice
Posted Image New log in screen added
Posted Image Added Forsaken Spooky Gift Box and Event Spooky Gift Box
Posted Image Halloween Costume Contest launched on the forums

Posted Image
Posted ImageVeracity for developing/writing the quests, headgear selections, raids
Posted ImageAres for raid mob effects
Posted ImageGenesis for bug fixes, coding, testing
Posted ImageJustice for the Halloween Forsaken City and Lost Village maps
Posted ImageBarbie for the previews and new log in screen

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The much awaited halloween! Start grinding and collect these limited edition items! :)

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The quest and hunt previews have been updated to reflect proper requirements. I also went in and added the names of the newly added headgears! 

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