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Throwback Moments

Start Date : May 07, 2018

End  Date : May 31, 2018

We are strictly enforcing the rules! Read the MECHANICS, and post your screenshots here!


Hi Everyone !! Mooniee here~

fRO sure have come a long way ...
Does anyone still know what it was like before ?
Here's an old screenshot of me during my first day in fRO.
What about you guys ?
Come share your throwback moments and tell us your story. ❤️

NB: The screenshot for this month it can be old screenshot when you still newbie or new screenshot with old style when you still newbie. :)


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A place called "Home"

The time came i had to go . . .
Time passed i was free ... i came back but everything changed . . .
Everyone was gone ... the place that was once filled with laughter is now empty  . . . 
I searched i called but no one replied ... and then i realized . . . .
I lost the place i once called . . . Home 


When hope was lost ... i saw light in a friend 
He brought me to people who welcomed me as their own
They showed me that its never too late . . . .
To find a Home . . . .




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?Throwing Back Special Moments with Him~?


This screenshot was taken on my last year's birthday. October 6, 2017.

When he saw me wearing a gown ?, he said "wait" and came back wearing tux. ?


This guy helped me a lot in everything. He's my everything, kidding. ? He always got me flowers whenever I logged into the game.

He might fail to give me sometimes but he will surely give me in the following days. We even discreetly got married. I was very happy?

Then there was a time we need to divorce. This guy left me. Ignored me for months. Left me with lots of questions. Our relationship went cold like Lutie. I feel so alone?

Little by little I managed to get him back. It wasn't easy. We focused in our present life and ignored the bad things in the past. We became friends. We marry each other again. ?


For you who become my husband in game, you will always be my love.

I miss you bby. I love you `Kenji. 


Waiting in vain (again and again) ,


P.S. Advance Happy Birthday bby. mua. ?


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     "There are those people who come into your life and after they're gone, you just know your testimony will never be complete without them"

    There's so many words to describe how much those memories are meant to me. I've grown up, either sorrow nor joyful together as friends.

  Sadly I've got no guts to say "hi" to them even i want to,  I don't want to repeat my innocence. I want the pleasure of losing it again  .


You may be gone, but you'll never be forgotten.

                        Good old days


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Memory of Thanatos

This is the one of the things that greatly upgraded my gears and stuff in Forsaken Ro. I was skeptical at first about the chances of entering the said room. I bet most of us feels the same. But I never give up and still attempt to go ? .

Eventually entering Thanatos room becomes easier with timing and luck . The feeling when you actually manage to get in the room and defeated the Thanatos is thrilling!(Plus the passive bragging via the broadcast saying I defeated it XD) Either its the 1st time or the 100th times, the excitement is still there.

Since its "easier" for me and my friend to enter the room, we challenge each other to defeat thanatos using non-sniper class! I was using baby priest and its super hard @[email protected] . I died so many times and reentered the room so many times that I caught the server attention ? . Everyone so supportive ❤️ and I eventually defeated Thanatos..  AND GOT A CARD! XD .




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forgotten memories

Throughout time, one is making memories, sometimes good things and bad ones, as time goes by they accumulate.

I have lived many experiences in my life, as I have also seen.
I've seen many friends leave as well as known new ones.

The experiences that one lives are unique and irreplaceable.
Although they are in the past, it is important to never forget them.

The only thing that keeps you in the present, are the memories lived.
and the only thing that makes you return to the past, are the memories remembered.

As a fleeting memory, nostalgia returns,

Here I share a memory of my adventures, the emotion is still there when I remember itscreenForbidden903.jpg.93ac37182a30b72a666b125469f0fb36.jpg

Atte: A old dino player

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My sig. Hehehe

The days of my solo breaking. No broken classes back then and several guilds active and not just few big ones. Good ole times

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Take me back to better days. When it was so nice, fun and peaceful.
Just having friends and other players gather in one spot to have a precious memory together.
There was GM Penthesiliea, GM Artemis, and even GM Moon.
It's nothing but just a little thing of the past now.





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Good times and crazy friends make the best memories

The great thing about getting older is that you dont lose all the other ages you've been.


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Random Throwback


The most beautiful things in fro are not the tokens and items lmao, but memories and moments that we had shared and spent quality time with our friends. It is also one of the powerful things in the world because memories/moments are ways to be part of one’s life and ways to be connected towards other people. Just how one memory connected me unto it, and connected me to you guys as well

An ordinary day became an extraordinary one by just meeting someone. I would never forget that feeling that I had experienced. That feeling became our moment together, the moment became the memories that we could cherish. And those memories are now part of my past.
A throwback to the day where we had met in a very strange way. There was this strange looking perverted clown that was gazing at me. I felt very uncomfortable that my body was shaking, and my soul was shivering. I asked him what does he needs, he didn’t respond. I asked him what was his problem and he just smiled and laughed horribly. I got creeped out later I began to realize that he wasn’t looking at me; he was gazing at my homunculus lmao. It was so embarrassing that I wanted to change character but I am smart, don’t want’ to waste a.toks (LOL). So instead I told him that I’ll be reporting him for no reason. We instantly became friends and we got to know each other well.  He wasn’t so bad after all; he’s just the worst lmao. Kidding aside, he’s just like that- that kind of a pervert.  Then one day I’d received a news that he was gone, and had passed away.

I think we could agree that life is too short, so live it well. Love comes rarely, so grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories that we had shared with our loved ones and friends are the sweetest so cherish them forever.  And for the memories that keep on hurting us, keep them too for every memory of one’s lives, one’s deeds, one’s work will continue to live on to other people. Take care of those memories for you can never relive them.

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Thank you for all awesome entries!

Winners will be announced soon! Stay tuned!

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Theme: Throwback Moments

Date: May 2018

Entries: 12


3rd Place:

  • Forum name: Master.
  • In-game name: Master.
  • Entry: Click Here to view
  • Prize: 30 Event Tokens

2nd Place:

  • Forum name: gunxsword11
  • In-game name: • Noob •
  • Entry: Click Here to view
  • Prize: 45 Event Tokens

1st Place / Champion:

  • Forum name: Mcbevbev29
  • In-game name: Lexhi
  • Entry: Click Here to view
  • Prize: 70 Event Tokens


To claim your reward, message me here in the forums or look for me in-game!

Thank you all for joining!

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