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Start Date : June 09, 2018

End  Date : June 30, 2018

We are strictly enforcing the rules! Read the MECHANICS, and post your screenshots here!

Hi, fRO. Moonie here~
Time flew by so fast, that its already June!
I wonder what surprising moments await us this Month?
Speaking of Surprises, this reminds me whenever I host events.
People we’re so excited that I haven’t even announced round 2 of Warp Portal event ….. yet everyone was there !!
How about you guys? Tell us your Surprising Moments~

*This month theme inspired by this man:


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Isn't this MR.Yabatan?! HAHAHA Sounds like him. x.x

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Oh wait you put the link in there. LMFAO He so funny. af
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I've met this girl when I started playing she became my friend then I stopped playing last September 2017 then June 2018 I started playing again, I was really surprised that she was still playing and still haven't kicked me out of guild. 


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Its been so long to play online with school mates lately, n suddenly she(rorysan) online n I just sounded out BAKA yaro-u, ai no chigao-seh ❤️



IGN: NekoOjouSama


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Let me tell you a story ... that will change your night ... 
Does anyone likes late night walk ? Well I do ... It just felt relaxing at times a sanctuary 
I live in a dorm and whenever i go out , i bring a spare key with me to unlock the door since they lock it at night 
One day a friend told me "hey who's that friend that u walking with every night ... 
I didn't know I thought I was alone ... so I asked "what friend ? I always walk alone ... " 
My friend replied "didn't u see ? " I replied " .... see what ? " 
then suddenly my friend said ... " u know the .... t-he ... t-hee .... that's weird i can't remember. " 
That day I thought "oh sily u maybe u seeing things haha" ........ but I never realized I will regret it that day ... 
Later that night ... what my friend said still bothering me so I took my nightly walks so calm as ever but suddenly I kept remembering what my friend said ...... 
then suddenly I felt it - looks back I felt a gaze ... like when someone ... something is staring .... 
I kept walking but felt uneasy so I decide to run After running for a while I came home ... but that uneasiness never disappeared 
When I was about to reach out for my keys .... something suddenly said .... " K-ke-ys " 
So i tried finding it but couldn't ... did I drop it somewhere ? ... 
then again I heared " ...... K-ke-ys " I instantly looked back ! but saw nothing .... It felt so weird like someone whispering ... so I kept searching but when I turned my head my body froze .... I saw it .... slowly it whispered
" .... J-j-juliaa .... ur k-ke-yss "
then it said with a creepy smile " A-ahh .... u f-finall-y f-found m-me hee-hee "

*panick crycry*

"I'm Your bestie.... SURPRISEEE!!!" said her.





Fkenro 2018-06-14 01-45-01-22.jpg

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When you're playing Warp Portal Event and you suddenly entered the death portal....


IGN: SnipeDane


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Branch of Surprise


There’s a reason why a Secret Base is described as SECRET
We all have our own experience wherein we find a hideout out of boredom. A secret base is where you don’t want anyone to know about but may choose to tell them. Many reasons explains why we choose to find one even if we’re already provided by the server. This may or may not apply to everyone for a reason that; they can’t survive being alone or just fond of having people around them. One advantage I see is, it becomes a home inside the game wherein you choose who’s gonna know your base, plus designing it and do tons of different stuff freely like testing your builds. Also with every advantage of course there's a disadvantage; it is not perfect but can reach near perfection using your own decisions.
You should always do your best to outweigh those disadvantages.

No healer? No problem you can make multiple alt priests that can spam buffs like Gloria and Magnificat.

Too plain? Good thing you can auto-vend alts and name a hilarious/wise title of it.

Alone and nobody's there? Again, release your alts and make use of the freedom you have.

Dull? Easy, throw out a party or an event and invite your friends.

You see with great mind and creativity anything is possible. And also like I said you can invite your friend/s and together you can chill and talk whole day.

Oh, did I mention you can summon branches too if you’re lucky enough if its enabled there. And speaking of branches...
You know that feeling when you just can’t resist to tell and brag to a friend that you own a cool hideout? You invited this friend to chill around and make themselves comfortable that its fine whatever they want to do. I remember it was evening that I told him before I went to sleep, I left him alone there because I was happy enough to have someone there. Although the next day things didn’t go as expected, he surprised me with loads of mobs claiming my place. It was my surprise that he spent a lot of dead branches just to pull a prank off his pocket. Actually I wasn’t mad at him at all, I saw how ridiculous it is and turned out to be useful for me. Snatched COD, CE and other low chance drop by mobs. I even got a Ghostring card and a cool headgear to brag and show in his face, and in the end we found it a very good laugh and a story to be shared someday. We’re still friends (so don’t worry) even though he's still doing it over and over again but now with MVPs so its even more exciting and fun.

For those who are curious where is this "secret hideout", it is located above Geffen.


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fixed some typo
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NPC in the Shadows



As another Great day pass on fRO ... We do out normal routines of checking our vends , gears , friends , and stuffs you plan to do today ....
We also talk to the usual healer, kafra, warper, event npc's, and many more ....
But then I saw it ... the one thing we never noticed before, a shadow beneath our routines that we fail to see ... 


Have you ever thought that MAYBE they could be alive all along quietly watching ?
I mean we as normal players .... do we really have proof that this are really
JUST NPCs ? or perhaps something else hides from the shadows that we know nothing of .......
Some would say they're just scripts/sprites coded pixilated edited thats has its own algorithm that performs repeated sequence of commands to make player's life more comfortable with various options ...
If that's true ... then what about legends like Tiger Lily and such ?  Some would say no one has proof that such thing exist - simply a bluff or troll ...
But if you think closely the opposite can be true ..... do we really have proof that such things
Is that really the TRUTH ?


Until one day as I walk down along Forsaken City ... I saw it
I would have never expected it since I was doing my usual stuff as I say
yoooooow ...... i rob rob rob u  BUWAHAHAHA - "
then i heard it .... it 
spoke !


and deep inside all i could think was ...





Plot Twist : At the end of the day though it was GM making it talk but was so suprised XD


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Thank you for all awesome entries!

Winners will be announced soon! Stay tuned!

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Date: June 2018

Entries: 7


3rd Place:

  • Forum name: Yog
  • In-game name: Pocoyog
  • Entry: Click Here to view
  • Prize: 30 Event Tokens

2nd Place:

  • Forum name: Dane
  • In-game name: SnipeDane
  • Entry: Click Hereto view
  • Prize: 45 Event Tokens

1st Place / Champion:

  • Forum name: gunxsword11
  • In-game name: [UK] KING
  • Entry: Click Hereto view
  • Prize: 70 Event Tokens


To claim your reward, message me here in the forums or look for me in-game!

Thank you all for joining!

Edited by Moon

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