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    Perhaps one of this server's most popular event, Dice is a game based on luck whereby anyone could potentially win.

    Basic Information:

    • This is one of those events where players do not necessarily have much to do, other than perhaps moving around numbered squares on a specific map. There will be a GM guiding you throughout the whole event.


    • Upon receiving guidance from the hosting GM, you may move around the numbered squares.
    • After some time has passed, the hosting GM will tell you to stop moving.
    • He or she will then roll the dice using /dice and kill the square with the corresponding number to the one on the dice. If it is a 5 or 6, they will reroll. There will also be rerolls of the dice in cases whereby 2/3 players are left and no one was in squares 1, 2, 3, or 4 at that material time.
    • Players that stop on bridges will be disconnected from the event after considerable time to move away from it has been given.
    • Players who run after a GM has called stop will oftentimes be jailed or disqualified, depending on different GM's criteria.
    • Players who move before the GM's instruction to do the same will not be resurrected if caught dead by an AoE skill.
    • No chatrooms are allowed during the course of this event to ensure tidiness.
    • Ultimately, the hosting GM has the discretion to remove anyone not following the rules of the event.
    • The last player alive wins this event.


    • 7 Event Tokens

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