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    Last Man Standing



    Last Man Standing

    Last Man Standing is an event based on kill in a player vs. player environment. We have a version of this for both donation and non-donation items so that anyone can join in.

    Basic Information:

    • On this event map, players will fight until only one is alive.
    • Participants have 30 minutes to eliminate all competition.
    • The last person alive within 30 minutes shall emerge victorious; failing which there will be no winner strictly after the 30 minute time frame has lapsed.


    • The participation of novice characters are prohibited.
    • The skills kaizel and basilica are strictly forbidden.
    • Hiding in the GM Menu NPC is not allowed.
    • Strictly no parties may be formed.
    • Players who run will be disqualified. While the word "running" is left for much to interpret, each individual situation will be judged objectively and is up to a GM's discretion. However, we define it as trying to make time run down or avoiding a doable fight. Players running from one on one fights, for example, would be considered as 'runners'.
    • Ultimately, the GM has power to remove anyone not following the rules.


    • This set of rules applies to both Donation and Non-Donation Last Man Standing, with the only difference between the two is the event map and the equipment players are allowed to use.


    • 7 Event Tokens and 1 Seasonal Package (If applicable); or
    • 3 Event Tokens for each player in organized ties (whereby both the giver and receiver of a reflect damage scenario dies at the same time)

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