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    Survival is an event based on skill and how well you know the class you play. We have a version of this for both donation and non-donation items so that anyone can join in.

    Basic Information:

    • Derived from the "Survival of the Fittest" ideology, this event is based on skill, strategy and organization.
    • Whilst trying to survive from waves of mobs being spawned at random, players need to ensure that their skills are fully utilized, regardless of the class they choose to play.


    • On the map for this event, a GM will summon waves of different monsters to attack the participants. Your only goal is to stay alive.
    • The rules for this event are similar to those in Last Man Standing.
    • Novices cannot participate, kaizel and basilica are not allowed, and regular monster summoning, along with hiding in the GM Menu NPC, is forbidden.
    • Whether parties are allowed depend on the GM's criteria.
    • Some GMs may choose to turn PvP on in the event to spice things up a little; while others let the monsters do their job.
    • Again, the last player alive, or the last to die, wins this event.


    • This set of rules applies to both Donation and Non-Donation Survival, with the only difference being that in regular Survival, the mobs include Ancient Mimics, Lighthalzen mobs, Ghostrings, and Thanatos. In Non-Donation Survival however, the Thanatos mobs change to Gloom Under Nights.


    • 10 Event Tokens and 1 Seasonal Package (If applicable); or
    • 5 Event Tokens for tie scenarios (whereby both players die at the exact same time, making it impossible to identity 1 winner, but is highly unlikely and happen in extremely rare circumstances)

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