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    • To keep players entertained, our GM Team offers several events daily. Below is a list of some of our events. For a full list, rules, and prizes, see the Event section on our forum (forum.forsaken-ro.net)!


    Last Man Standing

    Last Man Standing is an event based on kill in a player vs. player environment. We have a version of this for both donation and non-donation items so that anyone can join in. On this event map, players will fight until only one is alive. Participants have 30 minutes to eliminate all competition. The rules for this event prohibit the participation of novice characters. The skills kaizel and basilica are stricly forbidden, hiding in the GM is prohibited, no parties may be formed, and players who run will be disqualified. While running is up to GM discretion, we definie it as trying to make time run down or avoiding a doable fight. Players running from one on one fights, for example, would be considered as 'runners'.


    Dice is an event based on luck so that anyone could potentially win. It is easily one of our more popular events. In this event, you will move around numbered squares on a specified map. After some time has passed, the hosting GM will tell you to stop moving. He or she will then roll a die using /dice and kill the square with the corresponding number to the one on the die. If it is a 5 or 6, they will reroll. You must be careful to mind GM instruction here. Players that stop on bridges will be disconnected from the event, and players who run after a GM has called stop will oftentimes be jailed. This is to keep the event honest and allow players to have fun. The last player alive wins this event.


    Survival is an event based on skill and how well you know the class you play. We have a version of this for both donation and non-donation items so that anyone can join in. On the map for this event, a GM will summon waves of monsters to attack the participants. In regular Survival, these mobs include Ancient Mimics, Lighthalzen mobs, Ghostrings, and Thanatos. In Non-Donation Survival, the Thanatos mobs change to Gloom Under Nights. The rules for this event are similar to those in Last Man Standing. Novices cannot participate, kaizel and basilica are not allowed, and regular monster summoning, along with hiding in the GM menu, is forbidden. Whether parties are allowed varies from GM to GM. Some may choose to turn PvP on in the event, while others let the monsters do their job. Again, the last player alive, or the last to die, wins this event.

    Guild vs. Guild

    Guild vs. Guild is held at 18:00:00 server time on Sundays and 19:00:00 server time on Tuesdays. It is a PvP event in which guilds fight to claim supremacy. This map has special areas that allow each guild to have a small base. Guilds will be asked to choose a position to start off in. Throughout the event, guilds will be eliminated until only one is left standing. This guild will receive the prize for that session. As a special reward, some items are available only through this event. Again, many of the same rules apply for this event. Novices, basilica, kaizel, monster summoning, and hiding in the GM menu will not be allowed. Additionally, you must be in a guild to participate in this event. No multi-guild areas or parties are allowed.

    Scavenger Hunt

    Scavenger hunt is as it sounds a GM should announce that a scavenger hunt will be held at any @go And will give a list of items that the players will need to retrieve for a prize; prizes vary on the difficulty and amount of items you need to acquire.

    Warp Portal

    Warp portal is based on luck a GM will open 3 portals one leads to safety/victory while the other 2 will lead to death/ Forsaken City.

    Last Team Standing

    Last Team Standing is a party Vs. party pvp event, where 2 Game masters will make 2 parties and invite participants into them both teams should be equally balanced and fight it out until the other party is eliminated.


    This is a tri-weekly event that will always be hosted on Monday, Thursday, and Friday at 20:00 server time, players will fight in a classic iRO fight. Every class is allowed to join and should be utilized.

    PvP Ladder

    This is a continuous server event where players must gain the most kills, with 60% or less less deaths in one week. First, Second, and Third place receive prizes, and kills only count in our PvP rooms. However, players do cheat, and that is where you come in. Game Masters should help identify cheaters by watching PvP.

    Russian Roulette

    Russian Roulette is pretty much opposite Dice the number rolled is the number that is safe, while every other number is killed.

    Wild Card Dice

    Wild Card Dice utilizes numbers 5 and 6 and gives meaning to them, everything starts as normal Dice, However if a 5 is rolled the game becomes Russian Roulette, but if a 6 is rolled it returns to normal Dice.


    This game basically involves you trying to guess the correct password into a Game Masters chat,clues will be given.

    Mind Breaker

    Mind Breaker is known as True or False, statements are given , and the players have to decide wether it’s true or false(X for false and O for true),the wrong side will be killed, while the others will move on until 1 person remains.

    Hide And Seek

    Hide And Seek involves you finding the GM who is hiding, to find the GM you must put your cursor over your name the GM will have their name disguised as “…”. Once found you will receive a prize!

    Novice Dodgeball

    You will bring a level 1/1 novice character into the event and you must avoid the marine spheres which will explode and kill you.

    This event is similar to Poring Catcher. The player who finds and kills the mob called Parasyte wins!

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