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    Saving Bob

    • A combination of LMS, hide & seek, survival, and teamwork to help escort Bob out of a dungeon and into safety.


    Basic Information:

    • The goal of this event is to escort bob out of lighthalzen dungeon and into the city.
    • This event has no time limit.
    • You are encouraged to kill the person escorting Bob or summon or lure monsters to get Bob killed so you can win.
    • As of now only one person may win this event.


    • Must be level 255 to participate.
    • Parties are allowed.
    • Bob will not accept party invites.
    • Running off Bob's screen cloaking, dying, or letting Bob die will cause him to warp away.
    • You must find bob and say "follow me" for bob to follow you.
    • All items are allowed.


    • Suggestions are open to this event.
    • Leading Bob into lighthalzen in will not make you win. You have to lead him into the city.
    • Bob will not warp near players or mvps.
    • If Bob dies or his escort dies he will warp on the same map (unless he dies or his escort dies in the inn, then he will warp back onto lhz_dun01).


    • 20 Event tokens.

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    It wound be better if the map is custom and wont allow comands. so players will think what to carry and also not to just keep using @warp.

    the part where party is allowed yet only 1 wins is kinda not motivating.

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