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    Integrated Quest




    Part I


    Item Requirements

    519.gif 300 Milk

    12143.gif 30 Red Can

    Part I a


    Purchase the Milk from the Milk Vendor

    Part I b


    Buy Red Cans at the Forsaken City Bar

    Part II (Drooping Medusa)


    Item Requirements

    1048.gif 1000 Horrendous Hairs

    958.gif 1000 Horrendous Mouth

    587.gif 200 Red Thorn Fruit

    627.gif 100 Sweet Milk

    518.gif 100 Honey

    Part III


    Talk to Prince Theodore III

    Part IV (Hermes Helm)


    Item Requirements

    574.gif 1000 Egg

    7106.gif 1000 Antelope Horn

    card.gif 500 Kukre Cards

    662.gif 800 Authoritative Badges

    553.gif 500 Bao

    Part V (Drooping Valkyrie)


    Item Requirements

    522.gif 800 Mastela Fruit

    514.gif 500 Grape

    511.gif 500 Green Herb

    627.gif 200 Sweet Milk

    518.gif 250 Honey

    Part VI (Phreeoni Hat)


    Item Requirements

    card.gif 1000 Drops Card

    1055.gif 800 Earthworm Peeling

    1015.gif 500 Tongue

    1054.gif 500 Ancient Lip

    1014.gif 2 Ant Jaw

    Part VII (Deviling Hat)


    Item Requirements

    1038.gif 1000 Lil' Evil Horns

    1039.gif 1000 Lil' Evil Wings

    7511.gif 800 Darkness Runes

    508.gif 200 Yellow Herbs

    510.gif 200 Blue Herbs

    card.gif 1 Deviling Card

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