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    Fate Of The Gods II: Cursed Ring Guide



    Please note that you have to be a Forsaken Knight to be able to do this quest!


    Step 1

    After Chosing Loki's side, He will ask you to bring the following:

    2000 Loki's Whispers (7019)
    1000 Burning Heart (7097)
    1000 Will of the Darkness (7340)
    600 Cat's Eye (7263)
    200 Hand of God (1009)
    201* Necklace of Wisdom (1007)
    1 Piece of Darkness (17010)
    1 Cursed Hand (2728)
    1 Goddess of Fortune's Cursed Brooch (2652)
    1 Morrigane's Belt (2650)
    1 Morrigane's Pendant (2651)
    1 Bobbin of Goddess (17011)
    1 Broken Crown (17012)
    1 Broken Pharaoh Emblem (17013)
    1 Magic Stone (17014)
    1 Thor's Gauntlets (17025)
    1 Andvari's Magic Ring (17026)

    * Loki asks for 200 Necklace's but later You will need one more :P

    He will now ask you to meet him outside of Jotunheim


    Step 2

    Climb the mountains before you


    Step 3

    Talk to the masked stranger, who will show you the way past the mountains


    Step 4

    Find Loki and give him the following:

    1000 Black Hair (1020)
    600 Witch Starsand (1061)
    600 Worn Out Scroll (7099)
    500 Illusion Flower (710)
    300 Soft Silk (7166)
    100 Golden Ornament (7435)


    Step 5

    Go back to Loki in Hel

    NOTE: Complete your party for Aegir's Submerged Palace Raid before going to next step


    Step 6

    Find a boat to take you to A'egir's Shore


    Step 7

    Talk to Eldir
    Talk to Fimajeng to start Aegir's Submerged Palace Raid.
    This another difficult and custom raid you'll want a party for!


    Step 8

    Once you're done with the raid, find Aegir's Misstress


    Step 9

    After the Raid, Talk to Eldir, give him 150,000,000 zeny as bribe and, he'll give you the Aegirs Invitation.


    Step 10

    Go back to Hel and talk to Loki


    Step 11

    Find Loki and give him the following:

    1500 Gill
    1000 Aquamarine
    800 Fin
    600 Light Granule
    500 Sharp Scale
    200 Tendon
    100 Detrimindexta
    100 Fluorescent Liquid
    50 Ancient Tooth
    1 Necklace of Wisdom

    He will give you the Cursed Ring.
    There are two options you can choose: Donation or non-donation.
    View the stats of the different Cursed rings.

    Donation Cursed Ring requires:
    1 Infernal Cape of the corresponding class

    Non-donation Cursed Ring requires:
    one quest poring, poporing, and drops rucksack each and one quest RAW

    Please make sure to choose carefully!

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    4 hours ago, spinkeezz said:

    -1 poor guide... It doesn't say that the Non-Donation and Donation is not the same effect. At least WARN so we can choose wisely.


    The Names says it all "Non-Donation" and "Donation", of course it will not have the same effect :)

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    But to think questing a Non-donation will at least have a good effect. This is a Waste of time questing.. Much better effect of VOTE CAPE than this.




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    12 minutes ago, zephanian8 said:

    Can it be done with other Infernal? such as sword slayer

    Yes but it wont be a ring... Instead Sword but different color than the original one. Only Infernal Cape will make it into a ring.

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