Information Commands

  • @ii/@iteminfo Find information on a certain item.
  • @mi/@mobinfo/@monsterinfo Find information on a certain mob.
  • @time/@date/@servertime Check the date and time on the server.
  • @whereis Tells you where a monster spawns and how many.
  • @whodrops Tells you what monster drops the item ID/name you search for.
  • @rates Tells the experience rates of the server.
  • @commands Shows the list of commands.
  • @exp Tells what level(s) your character has and at what % experience.
  • @staff/@stafflist Gives a list of staff members.
  • @showzeny Shows zeny earned from selling to NPCs.

Action Commands

  • @go Takes you to a city spawn point.
  • @warp/@rura Warp to a map.
  • @autoloot Pick up all items, or items under a certain % range.
  • @ali/@alootid Autoloot a single item.
  • @storage Store and remove items in your account storage.
  • @request Sends a request to any GM online.

Trade-related Commands

  • @at/@autotrade Leave a shop open but go offline.
  • @noask Automatically refuses all deals, party requests, and guild requests.

Duel-related Commands

  • @duel Duels another player.
  • @accept Accepts a duel.
  • @invite Invite a player to a duel.
  • @leave Leaves a duel.
  • @reject Rejects a duel.

Misc. Commands

  • @aw/@away Sets an automatic away message for if someone PMs you.
  • @changegm When you are the Guild Leader, this will change who leads the guild.
  • @hominfo/@homstats  If you have a homunculus, tells you homunculus status.
  • @homtalk Have your homunculus talk.
  • @pettalk Have your pet talk.
  • @showexp Shows experience gained when killing a monster (when turned on).