Feature Highlights

  • Questable/Votable Donation Items!

    Can’t donate? It won’t stop you from gearing up and dominating in intense PvP battles and WoE!

  • International War of Emperium

    Weekly WoEs for American, European and Asian time zones so you’ll never have to miss out.

  • Love PvP? Us too.

    Compete in our weekly PvP ladder for great prizes, or fight for fun in our donation & non-donation PvP rooms.

  • Custom storyline

    An epic, never before seen story with you at the center! Explore new worlds, face challenging enemies, and more.

  • GM-hosted & Automated Events

    Events are hosted hourly, and with over 20 different kinds of events, you’ll never get bored.

  • Newbie Friendly

    New players receive a useful pack to get them started. Guilds can also obtain a special guild package!

Additional Features

  • Vote for points system with great prizes, including a full donation set!
  • Commitment to fair play. Protection against botting and 3rd party programs.
  • A worry-free RO experience: stable, secure, up 24/7 with hourly backups.
  • Guild competition? Check! You’ll love our weekly Guild vs. Guild events.
  • Great looking custom items so you can always have a unique look!
  • A series of fun and original quests with elaborate storylines!
  • Active, professional, and helpful staff with a Help Desk in go 25. No GMs have @item.


  • Questable donation items
  • Epic, large scale storyline, “The Fate of the Gods”
  • 100s of new quests
  • @ali, @whereis, @whodrops commands for your convenience
  • New quests always being added


  • Over 60 different events, including Dice, LMS, Poringball, and more!
  • Hourly automated events, chosen at random so you don’t get bored
  • GM-hosted events daily for a more personal touch
  • Over 50 event prizes
  • Ability to convert event tokens to our primary currency


  • Over 600+ great looking custom items
  • Don’t need to sacrifice style for stats
  • Custom Stylist NPC with favorites, back/forward, and jump functionality.
  • 566 palettes, 251 hairdyes, and 61 hairstyles to choose from