Where are the best places to level?

You’ll start your adventure in our custom Newbie Zone, novice_02! Kill some adorable poring mobs until you’re job level 10 and base level 25. Don’t forget to use the Forsaken Wanderer Set and Veracity’s Magical Cookie, Justice’s Lunch Box and Yggdrasil Berries!

Once you’re job level 10 and base level 25, go to Forsaken City and talk to the Job Mistress (fcity 80 134).

Job level 25-50 (1st job): Skeletons, Zombies, Poporings, Familiars at pay_dun00
Job level 1-50 (2nd job): Skeleton Soldiers, Skeleton Archers & Eggyras at pay_dun01
Job level 50-Level 99/70: Increased Soil, Mantis, Bigfoots, and Caramels at lou_fild01

Rebirth once you’re level 99/70. Repeat these steps until you reach Level 99 again.

Base level 99-150: Fox, Lolitails, etc. at for_fild05
Base level 150-255: Uber drops, Uber Porings, and Uber Poporings at for_fild06

Where is the Job Changer?

You can find the Job Mistress at fcity 80 134!

What is the max level?

The max level here is 255 base and 255 job.

How can I reset my skills?

You can reset your skills at any time for free at the Forsaken Kafra! Find her at fcity 85 123.

What is the max stat?

The max stat is 300.