Brought forth from the blackest shadows, the Dark Prophetess spoke of a time of devastating annihilation—one which no man, no giant, no god could escape. This time is called Ragnarok, and it is upon us.

Baldr’s death marked the beginning of the end. The gods despair, not only for the loss of one of their own… but for Voluspa’s dark prophecy being fulfilled. It is up to you to try and reverse the onset of Ragnarok… before all is lost and the nine realms burn in unholy fire.


Episode I: The Dream of Baldr (Prelude)

Baldr has dreamed a terrible revelation that will change everything as we know it. Desperate to stop the prophecy from coming to pass, the gods need your help. All life hangs in the balance…

Episode II: The Final Descent

Descend into the darkest depths of Hel, home of the forever damned. But be warned. Enemies of unimaginable strength await you. Loyalties will be tested. New strengths will be forged. The only question is: are you ready?


  • Extensive and challenging quests
  • Never seen before maps to explore
  • Challenging raids featuring new mobs with custom AIs
  • A rich and elaborate mythology you can participate in
  • Cutting edge innovations in game play
  • So much more!