Welcome to Forsaken Ragnarok Online! The basic things you need to know are: our rates are 6k/6k/100% (MvP Cards at 10%), max level is 255/255 and we are a PK server. The max stat is 300, max ASPD is 195, and instant cast is 150.

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How do I join?

To create an in-game account, please register via the control panel. Our forum accounts are separate from the game, so you will also need to create a forum account.

Where do I download the game?

A variety of download options are available to make installing the game as convenient and easy as possible for you. Make sure to check our installation guide! If you experience any troubles, consult our detailed troubleshooting guide or ask us on the forums.

Help, I’m lost! Where is everything?

You start out in our custom Newbie Zone. Our main town is Forsaken City, or “fcity,” and is home to lots of super useful NPCs. To go there, just type @go 25. One of the most popular hangout spots for PvPing is Forsaken Field (for_fild01), which is right below Forsaken City. (We recommend you are geared before venturing here though!)

Do I get any Freebies?

Yes, you do! Talk to the Freebies NPC in front of the Help Desk at fcity 84 119. You’ll receive a stylish Oliver Wolf Hood or Neko Mimi Kafra, as well as an Adventurer’s Backpack! These items not only look great, but have useful stat boosts to help you level: the hats add +20 all stats with 0 slots, and the backpack adds +10 all stats, +10% max HP and +10% max SP!

What are these items in my inventory?

Your New Player package is added to your inventory automatically when you join. It contains:

Forsaken Wanderer Box, which has…

  • 150 Genesis’s Yggdrasil Berries to fully heal HP/SP and weigh 0
  • 3 Veracity’s Magical Cookie +30% experience for 1 hour
  • 10 Justice’s Lunch Box adds +10 all stats for 10 minutes
  • Forsaken Wanderer Equipment to get you started
  • Archer Mercenary Summon Scroll to help with leveling
  • Jumping Poring and Baby Angeling wings for looks!