OK, I’m done leveling. Now what?

Once you’re 255/255, it’s time to be knighted and protect Forsaken City!

Once you’ve completed the Knight quest, try:

  • Legendary Weapon Quest
  • Legendary Zodiac Quest
  • Legendary Avian Quest or Legendary Sacred Wing Quest
  • Legendary Gauntlet Quest

Tip: All of the Legendary items are only a few stats less than their donation counterparts.

How do I obtain donation gear without donating?

The full Forsaken King set is available for 50 vote credits each. Valkyrie helms are also available through voting. To change the color of your Vote Valkyrie helm, use the Legendary Helm Exchanger NPC in the Knight Hall (fcity 117 163). These items have exactly the same stats as the donation gear!

Legendary versions of our most popular donation items are also available via legendary quests. In order to do these quests, you must first complete the Forsaken Knight quest. Legendary gear have around 80% of the donation item’s effects so they are typically only a few stats less. You’ll have no problem competing in PvP and WoE, and you’ll look great!

How do I get items?

There’s lots of ways to get items on fRO! Here’s just a few…

  • Events
  • Voting
  • Questing
  • WoE
  • Being active online

Where can I get Forsaken King items?

You can buy them with tokens in the Forsaken King room at fcity 74 129. However, you can often purchase Forsaken King equipment from players for less!

What is the best place to farm items?

Our custom Forsaken Dungeon is a great place to farm yggdrasil berries, but you’ll need a pass to get in. You can either do the quest or donate for it. Another good, free option are the Soldiers at for_fild02 which drop berries at 50%.

I want to donate. How do I get my items?

Our Token Shop makes it easier for you than ever before to donate. Once you’ve finished, you will receive your items within 24-48 hours of donating. An admin will log on your account and place your new items in your storage!

Since our donation items are not account-bound, donations are non-exclusive!