When a guild of at least 4 new players come (or former players who are returning) to ForsakenRO, you qualify for a guild package!


  • Guilds consist of at least 4 players who were in a guild together on another server,
    or a group of new players who form a guild shortly after joining
  • Each player applying must be a unique individual.
  • The guild must be maximum level.
  • A guild and each individual may only apply for this package once.

How It Works

Once your guild is approved, a senior GM or administrator will give each member a Guild Rental Token which you give to the Renter NPC in the Trader Room of Forsaken City.

N.B. All rental items only last for a month. They’re temporary while you start out and give you time to gear up.

To file for approval, make a ticket in our Ticket System with the following information:

  • Name of the Guild
  • Name of the guild leader
  • Names of all the members applying
  • Where you heard about ForsakenRO

Each member will receive:

Rental Forsaken King Armor
Rental Forsaken King Shield
Rental Forsaken King Cloak
Rental Forsaken King Cloak
Rental Forsaken King Boots
2 Rental Belts
Rental Cat Ear Hat
1 Forsaken Seed Dungeon Pass
Rental Blessed Ring (Same stats as ND Blessed Ring)
Rental Cursed Ring (Same stats as ND Cursed Ring)
Rental Guardian Ring (Same stats as ND Guardian Ring)
Rental Emperium Aurora (Same stats as Limited edition Emperium Aurora)
All legendary weapons of the class that opens the Guild Package box.