What are tokens?

Tokens are the primary currency of ForsakenRO and are used by players to buy and sell items. You can donate for them, obtain them from winning events, or by selling items/cards to players. You can also use tokens in the Forsaken King room at fcity 145 166.

Why are there different kinds of tokens?

There are different kinds of tokens that are used for different things and can be obtained in a variety of ways. These tokens can be exchanged for rewards at the Token Trader (fcity 56 109).

Event Tokens obtained from GM-hosted events

PvP Ladder Tokens obtained from our weekly PvP Ladder. 10 tokens for first, 3 for second, 1 for third.

Guild vs. Guild Tokens obtained from Guild vs. Guild event. The winning guild receives 180 event tokens and 1 GvG token.

Battle Royale Tokens obtained from weekly Battle Royale events. Every person in the winning party receives 1 BR token.

Activity Tokens obtained from being active on the server. Receive 1 activity token for every hour you’re on!

Mini-game Tokens obtained from winning our hourly automated events.

What is zeny used for then?

Zeny is useful for things like broadcasting, quests, and purchasing Acid Demo bottles.

How do I make zeny here?

Try farming and selling Lucius’ Fierce Armor of Volcano (item ID: 2344) dropped from Firerings in for_fild01, or Stones of Sage (item ID: 12040) in tha_t07.