User Agreement

ForsakenRO will provide a free Ragnarok Online gaming experience under a strict line of conditions. If you are to disagree with any of them please refrain from downloading our server patch, connecting to our server, or engage in communication with our community as doing so signifies your unconditional agreement to ALL of the areas covered by this document (as well as the logically covered areas) regardless of your ability to understand/interpret them.

ForsakenRO offers a full list of these terms on our forums. Please click here for a full list! Please note, these are subject to change at any time.ForsakenRO’s staff is not obliged to (but shall) notify about the change of the rules.

Our order process is conducted by our online reseller is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. Paddle provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns

Refund Policy

The server will accept all willingly made donations. Donors are to review and understand the donation policy, the completion of the donation procedure signifies the person’s agreement to this policy as well as the donation policy regardless of his/her ability to interpret and/or understand either documents. Chargebacks will result in the blocking of all associated accounts permanently. If there is a mistake in your donation process, please contact us for a resolution. If you disagree with this section, please refrain from donating.

Privacy Policy

ForsakenRO will not disclose any of the information provided by the players to third parties, however inter-staff usage of account information within the server is acceptable, your personal information may be given to third parties if it were to happen that the user broke a rule. The staff reserves the rights to follow players in game with undetectable methods, given the correct reasons. The staff are also entitled to logging player behavior and/or chat history with the exception of private messaging with, of course, the correct reason. ForsakenRO might also ask you for:

Email Address
Telephone Number
Shipping and billing address
Payment Information

ForsakenRO will not however, disclose this information to any unauthorized parties.

Contact Us

ForsakenRO is always open to comments, proposals or questions from our players. If you have questions or comments you can email us at [email protected].